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Visit Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast, Australia The heart of the Gold Coast, from the beach to the Q1 let's go explore.

From: $55

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2 hour
1-4 guests


Born and raised on the Gold Coast 30 years ago I have made a lifestyle and built a business out of it. I love nothing more than sharing what this beautiful city has to offer from the beach to the hinterland. We have it all - fine dining to a quick bite to eat nothing to be left out when staying on the Gold Coast after all it's "Famous for Fun". 20+ Beaches stretching over 57 kilometres. 480km of rivers and streams. 774 hectares of lakes, dams and canal. We have 9 times the length of waterways than Venice in Italy! Beach to the Hinterlands Home to the third oldest National Park in the world. Over 60,000 acres of rainforest Springbrook is home to 3 of the oldest trees over 2000 years old I could go on to what the Gold Coast has to offer but let's get off here and actually explore it 😛 Note* Due to some events SkyPoint can be closed. In the event SkyPoint is closed I can offer you a Free Ticket to go up at a time that works for yourself or we can change the date to a day/night that it's open.

Our localyokl Matthew

The heart of the Gold Coast, from the beach to the Q1 let's go explore.


A Fun and Friendly guided tour of Surfers Paradise. Ticking off places around Surfers you can explore on foot while on the Gold Coast. A ride on the G-Link Light rail system aboard to the Q1. A Ticket to the top of Q1 Feel free to ask me any questions at any time.

What you need

100% yourself it's no fun without you to show off my home city to 😛 Comfortable clothing and footwear. A bag and bottle of water in case you want to buy anything along the way. Your camera or smartphone, iPad so you can get some photos to share with the World. An open attitude. Happy and ready to explore 🙂


Gold Coast, Australia



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