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From: $109

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Terrarium Building

Gold Coast, Australia Chill on a private estate, build your own piece of living art.

From: $109

min 1

2 hour
1-4 guests


Take a step back from the hustle and relax amongst the trees as you create your very own piece of living art. A photo will last a lifetime but the value of creating something that is your own is surprisingly fulfilling. Incorporating hollow logs of all shapes and sizes, terrariums, bird cages, skulls, basically anything that can hold soil enough to support the succulents. All materials and training for you to create your own masterpiece will be at your fingertips and you'll leave with something to call your own and a new skill set. Great for people that want a completely different experience on the coast, the day can be as big or small as you want it to be, on the property there is a shady pool to lounge in and a BBQ lunch on the balcony is included. If that's not enough there are a few bush walks, pub is always an option and if you're more active minded there is a private half pipe on the property nestled amongst the rainforest.

Our localyokl Liam

Chill on a private estate, build your own piece of living art.


All the materials needed to build your living piece of art. Expert knowledge on succulents. BBQ lunch. Cold beverages. Transport (if need be) Access to private pool and rainforest halfpipe.

What you need

Not a great deal besides your own creativity. Hat (optional)


Gold Coast, Australia



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