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Park 2 Park Skate Tour

Gold Coast, Australia I'll take you to the best parks at the best times to skate them!

From: $65

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3 Hours
1-4 guests


After skating parks on the Gold Coast for the past 2 years, I've gained a wide knowledge on the various parks and the times to hit them to get the least crowded runs on the coast! We have some awesome set ups all around the area and I've made it my mission to skate these ever since I arrived on the Gold Coast. We can just shoot to one park or do a tour of a few different ones. Depending on the weather we can skate for as long or as little as you please. A day trip will include a cheap feed at one of the local spots, transport between parks and even some tips if you're after them! Even if you just want a skater to show you the spots you will struggle to find without prior knowledge, I'm the guy for the job!   Check out the video below to have a look at just one of the spots I have access to, the private mini is awesome though is not always available, doesn't matter if its not because we can always find a spot to avoid the crowds.   Let's get rolling.     [embed]https://youtu.be/iOcJuyoWrP8[/embed]

Our localyokl Jack

I'll take you to the best parks at the best times to skate them!


- My inside knowledge of where and when to skate - Transport between spots - Tips on improving your ability (if requested) - Tips on equipment (if requested)

What you need

- Your skateboard


Gold Coast, Australia



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