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Mountains, Rainforest, Vistas, Waterfalls & Wildlife

Gold Coast, Australia Experience the World Heritage Gondwana rainforest area, waterfalls and the ancient volcanic caldera

From: $85

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5 Hours
1-4 guests


This is a comfortable journey in a Mercedes Benz E series sedan through the ancient rainforests of Gondwana land. You will enjoy easy guided walks taking in spectacular scenery, stunning vistas, amazing waterfalls and quite possibly the local wildlife as well. Rainforest once covered most of the ancient southern supercontinent Gondwana and remains the most ancient type of vegetation in Australia. The Gondwana Rainforests provide an interesting living link with the evolution of Australia. Few places on earth contain so many plants and animals which remain relatively unchanged from their ancestors in the fossil record. Some of the oldest elements of the world's ferns and conifers are found here and there is a concentration of primitive plant families that are direct links with the birth and spread of flowering plants over 100 million years ago. If nature is your thing this is a not to be missed World Heritage Area. A relaxed tour with easy walks, a local guide and refreshment breaks.

Our localyokl Chris

Experience the World Heritage Gondwana rainforest area, waterfalls and the ancient volcanic caldera


Pick up and drop off at your accommodation (you choose the time) in a comfortable, air-conditioned Mercedes Benz E Class sedan. We'll take easy guided walks through some of the oldest rainforest in the world and enjoy a leisurely stroll to some amazing waterfalls and enjoy spectacular views from the rim of the ancient Tweed Valley volcano as well as stunning vistas as we traverse the escarpment between Queensland and N.S.W. We also travel through the sugar cane fields of the Tweed Valley and take refreshment at your choice of Surf Club (overlooking the beach) or R.S.L. over looking the beautiful Currumbin Creek estuary. I have umbrellas, towels, blankets and refreshments packed in the car. I also carry first aid kit, sunscreen etc. I like to be prepared. I also like to be versatile. Whilst I have an excellent prepared itinerary this is your tour and there are many options available along the way. I have a good knowledge of the area and am able to adjust to your preferences as we go.

What you need

A happy and relaxed frame of mind, preparedness for a fun day full of laughter and joy. Oh and you may also want to bring your preferred sunscreen, insect repellent (insects are not usually a problem but if you are susceptible...) a wide brim hat and comfortable shoes. *Note* All the paths we walk on are generally smooth and well maintained so no hiking boots required. Swimsuits are also advised as you may enjoy a dip in the Currumbin Creek rock pools or even a splash in the surf.


Gold Coast, Australia



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