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Design Watercolour Art For Your Surfboard

Sydney, Australia Create your very own watercolour art on a surfboard for you to keep as an art piece or functional board!

From: $749

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1 hour
1-3 guests


I have a connection with a local surfboard shaper where I do my very own inspired watercolour designs on the boards within the process of creation of his boards. I'd love to share this with all of you so you can actively create art on a surfboard you get to keep. I'll teach you the fundamentals of watercolour art, consult with you as to what colours and direction you want your design to go, and then we are into the creative process! After we're done, I'll get the board glassed and then we can organise how to get it to you. Whether it's Aussie inspired colours and design, ocean reflective swirls and blends, or an idea grabbed from your creative freedom, we can go though the process to create something beautiful. *Please note that additional charges will occur depending on the transport required to get the board to you after completion. **Price can be negotiable depending on what type of surfboard you choose. Please book in advance to allow for planning logistics.

Our localyokl Steve

Create your very own watercolour art on a surfboard for you to keep as an art piece or functional board!


Art Supplies Surfboard as a finished product Instructional lessons prior to creation Hands on experience Freedom of expression

What you need

Open mind Desire to learn


Sydney, Australia



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