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From: $99

min 4


Byron Bay Coffee Tours

Byron Shire Coffee is my spirit animal - take the TOUR!

From: $99

min 4

4 Hours
all levels
4-10 guests


Ill guide you through a rich green indulgent experience. Taking you to award winning local roasters, globally renowned local coffee farms/ plantation, visiting some impressive sights and customising the best cafe for the desires of the guests i.e. best view, vegetarian, close to beach etc. Offering an experience that begins with the hard working farmer, to the Roasters that perfect the flavour, to the cafe that offers ambience, location and good vibes. We will be traveling to different locations, taste test different beans & brews, learn and understand what it takes to be successful in Byron. Like a wine tour, without the headache and hangover... More than a coffee fix here. The afternoon is littered with soulful activities. Based on your interest - Creative Play (clay work, creative writing, painting), or Physical Play (Frisbee, Yoga or Beach). We trust and enjoy your involvement, allowing the co-creation of the day to create unexpected magic.

Our localyokl Chad

Coffee is my spirit animal - take the TOUR!


Best brews.Best cafe's.Best food. Best sights. Local knowledge. New experience. Your own hand-made clay cup/mug. Transport. Coffee cupping. Coffee sampling. Industry knowledge & insight. Creative material, or active play toys. Photogenic Byron, from green hills to white beaches. Guided experience - local echo friendly knowledge.

What you need

Yourself, and a respectful nature. No disposable cups or packaging will be used in this tour.


Byron Shire



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