Fitness and wellness

Determined to keep fit even though you’re on holidays, or maybe you just need to recharge after your travels? Our locals can offer you sweat or zen experiences. From hiking, to wake boarding, to yoga and SUP there’s options for all. Our experiences are hosted by private guides. When you book it’s just you and your friends and family. Choose your own awesome guide. Verified reviews. Better than a group tour.

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Fitness and wellness

Don’t be a tourist – be one of the locals

Give group tours the flick and book a local as your guide who’ll personalise your travel itinerary.

Local knowledge always – all our guides are locals.
Flexible itinerary, it’s your trip! – Want to spend more time in one location? Sure! Want to skip one stop? No worries at all.

Support local economies – localyokl support locals who are passionate about sharing their neighbourhood and the unique experiences that only they know about. This means more jobs for locals.

Know the best local spots in your area? Become a localyokl!

Create the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Share your neighbourhood and the experiences you’re passionate about by hosting a visitor and earn money doing what you love!

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