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Hey! We're totally famous! Not really, but we love what we've created and so do others. Check out some of our favourite stories about localyokl that have happened on our short journey so far.

Gold Coast Nine News

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7 Gold Coast News

Hot Tomato and My GC

You could get paid to hang out with tourists on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Bulletin

Creators of Gold Coast App 'localyokl' seeking people who will quit their day jobs

The Urban List

Love the Gold Coast? Have we got the job for you!

The Economy Traveller

7 Hidden Treasures of the Gold Coast

The Daily Telegraph

Accredited tour operators seeing red over rise of ‘experience providers’ such as localyokl and Airbnb


Wanna get paid to take tourists around?

Global Media Travel

Visiting The Gold Coast? Hop off the beaten track with localyokl’s seven hidden treasures

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