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Traditional aboriginal art and everything else!
Gold Coast / Brisbane
Over 30 years experience presenting Indigenous workshops in Qld schools,
Great for engaging kids from the first school days right through to the last week of High school.
Students learn real skills in a such a memorable way and the activities are invaluable as Indigenous references across the curriculum.
All materials supplied, all hands on – fully accredited & perfectly safe…
Big shells of ochres, millions of emu feather hair decorations, scores of firemaking sticks, didgeridoos, boomerangs, spears, clap sticks…all the good things, what’s not to love?….a positive introduction to real Indigenous skills and culture shared and evaluated in a relaxed but controlled learning environment.

Anyone is welcome!



Current Experiences

  • Deluxe Aboriginal Art Package. Learn, Create, Share.

    Gold Coast, Australia
    localyokl Rick
    From: $440 per person Check it out

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