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Hey There,
I'm Patrick, friends tell me I really know how to make a great time for a horse ride. Outstandingly friendly, personable, and just knows how to lead people into a relaxed, truly special time – turning a horse ride into a horse riding adventure – and there is nothing I love more than to have a good laugh too!

I run the beach rides with the help of my right-hand man and nationally acclaimed horseman Bob Strong. Bob’s list of credentials are as long as your arm and his reputation as a horseman and as an all-around top bloke most definitely precede him. Bob, like Myself, is also is a highly-experienced eco trekking guide with experience in the field dating back as far as 1996.

We are family guys with wives and children. We understand you want to have a safe and fun ride and return home safely to your family, and have an experience you can cherish forever and tell your friends about.


Current Experiences

  • The Laguna Horses on the Beach

    Noosa North Shore
    localyokl Patrick
    From: $185 per person Check it out

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