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I have lived in the Palm Beach Currumbin area since moving to the Gold Coast in 1968, always a keen surfer I have watched the waves and beaches come and go many times over the years. As an active member of the GC Bushwalking Club for over twenty five years I have led walks in all the local National Parks both with the club and private tours with Geo Nature Walks and Tours Se Qld. I have been acknowledged by the Queensland division of the Australian Geological Society for my assistance with their recent book Geology of the Gold Coast and Hinterland. I have also assisted the Yugambeh Museum on several occasions with their Drumley Walk from Beaudesert to Southport, and have a wide knowledge of indigenous uses of flora and fauna in the area. Since slowing down on my surfing ten years ago, I have become a passionate bird and wildlife photographer and have made several videos on Osprey, Brahminy Kites, Rainbow bee-eaters along with a collection of tens of thousands of bird shots taken in the local area. I also have a collection of old photos of the Gold Coast from the late 1800s that show the changes man has made over the years.


Current Experiences

  • Embrace Currumbin Natural History

    Currumbin Beach, Australia
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    From: $79 per person Check it out
  • Greenmount – Point Danger Natural History Walk

    Gold Coast, Australia
    localyokl Ian
    From: $79 per person Check it out
  • Beautiful Bird Watching & Photography

    Gold Coast, Australia
    localyokl Ian
    From: $79 per person Check it out

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