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Hi I and Dave I have also become to be known as "Barefoot" Dave as I don’t possess any shoes. But as a "Marriage Celebrant" I will dress up for you. Also because I am an "Auxiliary Fireman" as well, QFES rules state I must wear boots when engaged in fire fighting. I am an Auxiliary fire fighter on Straddie based in Dunwich and have been for the past 14 years as I love helping out the Community when it is needed.

I used to be an Electrical Supervisor for the mining company prior to forming our own Company 17 years ago.

The passion in me grows each and every year that I conduct the tours and other activities and never pass an opportunity to educate people on the vast history of this Island.

I said I would retire when I cannot longer lift the eskies onto the roof for the journey around Straddie.

And Ladies and Gentlemen I hope that is a LONG way off!


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  • City to Straddie Epic 4WD Eco Tour

    Brisbane, Australia
    localyokl David
    From: $195 per person Check it out

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