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Creative Soul
Burleigh Heads
I am a local artist from the Gold Coast who loves to spill out my creativity in some of the most beautiful places the Gold Coast has to offer. I enjoy the small things in life, I hike for waterfalls, eat purely and listen to blues and folk. There is no better feeling than diving into the ocean, walking barefoot and spreading happiness to anyone in my path. My favourite time of the day is when it the sun is on the horizon, the way the clouds turn into fairy floss and the ocean turns to gold.

Most mornings I pack my backpack full of art supplies and find hidden spots around Burleigh Headland and draw. My art style is mandala patterns emerged into animals, stipple art and symbolic line work. These are calming drawings that work as art therapy for the soul. Immersing myself in nature allows me to be in touch with the world and energy that comes from that.

My outlook on life is that I am here to better the lives of others, inspire them and bring happiness into their world.


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