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Friendly adventurer looking to share fun, memorable experiences in safe friendly environment
Hi my name is Alan, I have always been in love with nature and the water ever since I was a young boy. There is such an amazing feeling that comes with escaping the stress and problems of city living and reconnecting with nature and your wild adventurous side.

I have discovered that just outside of Sydney we are blessed with amazing natural bush trails, freshwater swimming holes and amazing beaches and I would love to share my discoveries with other people looking to reconnect with nature and give them the same freedom I have felt by enjoying these amazing locations.

I have endeavoured to keep costs as low as possible as I want to be able to share nature with everyone, not just people who can afford expensive tours.


Current Experiences

  • Sydney Wild Swimming Adventure Hiking Karloo Pool to Uloola Falls

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    From: $35 per person Check it out

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