How do I get in touch with my localyokl?

If you want more information about your experience you can get in touch with your localyokl through our secure internal messaging system. We recommend you use our internal messaging system for all communications.

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How do I contact localyokl?

Got some questions that aren’t covered in our FAQs? Get in touch with us at info@localyokl.com or call us on 0418 720 564.

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Why can’t I contact the localyokl directly?

We’re looking out for you by making sure all communications between our localyokls and you is done via our internal messaging system. It’s the best and easiest way for us to ensure everyone stays safe.

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What do I do if I receive an inappropriate message?

localyokl does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour from customers or localyokls. If you receive an inappropriate message please contact us at info@localyokl.com or phone 0418 720 564

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What if I opt to communicate or pay outside of the localyokl website?

Our system has been set up to create a safe and trusting environment to enjoy local experiences. If you choose to communicate or make/accept payments outside of localyokl’s platform it’s in breach of our Terms of Service and we won’t be able to provide support/advice if anything goes wrong.

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