How can I ensure I’ve chosen the right experience for me?

  • Make sure you review the user’s profile
  • Read each experience carefully to make sure it’s the right experience for you, including checking required fitness levels, allergy risks etc.
  • Communicate with your guide via localyokl’s internal messaging system.
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How do I create an account?

It’s simple and free! Either sign up through your Facebook account or with your email address. We won’t pass on any of your personal details to external agencies. You can also protect your privacy through your Facebook privacy settings.

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What’s my profile?

This is where you add information and photos of yourself so that the localyokl community can get to know you. It is a closed group and you can control what information is shown through settings. There’s a bio section, where you add photos and videos of your experiences and share them on our blog or other socials like Facebook or Instagram. To ensure everyone feels safe and knows who they are connecting with, all profiles will need to be completed before experiences can be booked or hosted.

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What is the dashboard?

This is where all the action happens! Whether you’re a customer or a localyokl, after you’ve created your account your personalised dashboard will be set up and it’s from here that you can monitor your bookings, communicate with localyokls/customers via our internal messaging system, make changes to your bookings and write your reviews.

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How will I know who my localyokl is?

All localyokls have a profile picture so that you can easily recognise them when you meet.

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