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Step 1: Find your unique experience
Search localyokl by location or experience to browse the options available.

Step 2: Connect with a localyokl
Submit a booking request for the experience you want and our localyokl will be in touch to confirm the booking and organise a mutual meeting place and time. We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, so if you need to cancel you can do so within 24 hours. Check out our Cancellation Policy

Step 3: Have fun!
Your localyokl is set to take you on an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come.

Step 4: Rate your experience, and the localyokl, so others can enjoy it too.
Your feedback on your experience will help us to ensure we have the best localyokls and experiences on offer. Each localyokl is regularly assessed to ensure the experience they have hosted is safe, fun, and unique.

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