What is localyokl?

Ever been somewhere and wished you could walk through hidden trekking trails and be mesmerised by ancient rainforests just like a local? Or discover the local coveted coffee shop where you’ll get the best chai latte you’ve ever had in your life? Or how about a personalised scuba dive that will have your heart racing at the beauty you discover? Wish no more, localyokl connects travellers with real locals for amazing, unique, and memorable experiences. So be different, and go somewhere only a local knows.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Find your unique experience
Search localyokl by location or experience to browse the options available.

Step 2: Connect with a localyokl
Submit a booking request for the experience you want and our localyokl will be in touch to confirm the booking and organise a mutual meeting place and time. We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, so if you need to cancel you can do so within 24 hours. Check out our Cancellation Policy

Step 3: Have fun!
Your localyokl is set to take you on an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come.

Step 4: Rate your experience, and the localyokl, so others can enjoy it too.
Your feedback on your experience will help us to ensure we have the best localyokls and experiences on offer. Each localyokl is regularly assessed to ensure the experience they have hosted is safe, fun, and unique.

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Are all experiences available to everyone?

Pretty much except for those marked GO which are our girls only experiences hosted by the girls for the girls. Experiences offered on localyokl can be catered to a wide range of fitness levels, disabilities and age groups. But to ensure you have the best possible experience make sure you read the experience description carefully to assess whether it’s the right experience for you. Read our Top tips on booking the best experience.

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How do you ensure good quality experiences?

While we do our best to ensure our localyokls provide great experiences, we also rely on our customers to provide feedback via our review system. Your review and others, rates the localyokl which converts into a star rating system. Our localyokls have to maintain a minimum of three stars to remain a localyokl. Your reviews are posted to the localyokl’s profile page so that our localyokl community can see who the best localyokls are. We also run fun competitions and challenges to incentivise our localyokls to make sure you have the most amazing experience of your life.

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Is it safe?

As safe as any other place you’d book with. Each of our localyokls has undergone a security check.

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