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November 8, 2017

John may be an American in Melbourne but he already knows all the sweet spots in the city. Since arriving in 2012, he’s discovered the best things to see in Melbourne and become a true local, creating two bespoke tours just for you.

Known as Australia’s cultural hub, trying to pick the right place to have those all important beers can be confusing with the number of new places popping up, and how do you know whether it’s you? Trust us, there’s nothing worse than rocking up to a bar with a bunch of friends primed to have a few and party on, only to discover the vibe is not what you expected. And let’s face it, vibe, ambience, whatever you want to call it really has an impact on the type of experience you’ll have. You might be after a classy rooftop bar like the one at the QT or maybe you’re into hidden alleyways where local artists have transformed ugly brick walls to vibrant street art merging grunge with hip and breaking out into the coolest basement bars you’ve ever seen. Whatever your drink,  John’s Booze Makes History Better tour will ensure your party experience in Melbourne is not a party fail.

Or, if it’s a whirlwind pitstop tour of this twisted city you’re after, then this localyokl’s Melbourne Bucket List tour will ensure you cover all the essentials from breathtaking views at the top of one of the city’s skyscrapers to a cultural dive into dumpling heaven. Three hours tops and you’ll be done, but we guarantee you’ll be raving about it for years and wanting to come back for more.

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