Springbrook Serenity Camping Trip

Springbrook, Australia

Bored of your hotel room? Change things up a bit and spend a night camping under the stars.

You will be picked up from your accommodation at midday and will be taken on a scenic drive out to the Gold Coast Hinterland.
After setting up camp for the night at Mt Nimmel Lodge, you will be taken to explore Austinville. Here you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the hidden creeks. When the sun starts to set we will drive up to the Goomoolahra Falls. Surrounded in lush forest we will have a little picnic by the running stream and waterfall, overlooking the spectacular view of the Gold Coast.
As night approaches it’s the perfect time to head to the Natural Bridge. A night time bush walk through the forest will lead us to a cave illuminated by the rare and fascinating glowworms. Definitely a sight to see.
When the day comes to an end we will drive back to our campsite to relax, have dinner with a couple of beverages and rest up for the next day’s adventure.

When the chirping of birds wakes us, we will commence our day with some yoga, then fuel ourselves for the da

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Everyday a new adventure awaits. From the hills to the sea, come along with me.

My name is Ashlee and I am 19 years old. I have lived on the Gold Coast my entire life. I work in retail and hospitality and I love the idea that I can escape with you and show you my beloved spots around the coast, from the mountains and to the sea.

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