Evening Skyline Photography On A Skateboard

Gold Coast, Australia

Skate tour through the outskirts of the city, capturing the best angles of the skyline.

Skate tour through the outskirts of the city, taking night photography of the skyline from a number of my favourite spots. Capturing the skyline with reflections is key to creating depth to the cityscape. Come join me on one of my favourite things to do on the coast.

The tour has a variety of stops, to reflect on what we’ve shot and to re-hyrdate.

Any level of skater welcome, we can actually extend the skate leg of the tour or we can take it as slow as you need. It’s all about taking in the other aspects of nightlife. We end with some editing or a visit to any number of the fine watering holes in the area.

Our localyokl



Come tap back into nature and shoot some amazing photos of the Gold Coast with me

Originally born on the central coast NSW though relocated 5 years ago to the sunshine state. I believe in exploring every part of this incredible planet as well as laying your own eyes on its amazing wildlife and leaning as many new skills as your brain can absorb (the real purpose to life). Then simply passing on that knowledge to improve the overall quality of the human race.

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