Full Day Ultimate 4WD Adventure

South Stradbroke Island, Australia

Join me for an unforgettable 4WD off road bush and beach adventure.

Full day Island adventure with a wide choice of activities, to suit anyone’s ideal secluded beach retreat.

Here’s a little bit about my backyard:
Stradbroke Island is one of the world’s pure sand islands. South Stradbroke is approximately 21km long and 2.5km wide at its widest point & more than 70% Conservation Park, indeed a rare and beautiful holiday destination. Vehicle traffic is very limited offering a refreshing change from the bustle of mainland Australia; you have the feeling of stepping back in time. The island’s untamed wilderness and rugged, natural charm entices from the first step you take onto her inviting shores. We encourage you to “go off line” to enjoy all the island has to offer without interruption….yet all modern conveniences are available if you feel the urge to stay connected.

Once here, slip into island living and explore the dozens of tracks which wind through one of the world’s cleanest & least populated sand islands. Immerse yourself in the ancient Livistona and Paperbark forests which flourish and provide a home to many species of the islands birds, reptiles and mammals.

You can simply choose your own piece of paradise and settle in for a Beach BBQ & have your own private happy hour watching the sunset from one of the highest dunes on the Island. There is an abundance of birdlife & wildlife to view; you can also respectfully view the ancient Aboriginal middens that exist on the island.

If you’re a little more adventurous we can partake in sand dune tobogganing, fishing and bait gathering, guided walks, surfing secluded breaks and stand up paddle boarding.

*More than happy to take less than 3 people but you’ll have to pay the same price as 3 people would as it is my minimum running cost.

Our localyokl



Experience the gem that is South Stradbroke Island!

I've been a South Stradbroke resident for almost the last decade and trust me, there are not too many of us. Come explore the magic of South Stradbroke Island, the ever changing sandscape and generally perfect weather that offers day visitors and holiday makers a variety of unique experiences in the great outdoors which happens to be my backyard.

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