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August 13, 2018

As a keen world traveller and self-confessed experience-aholic it’s no wonder I became a localyokl.com tour guide… but on a recent retreat holiday to Bali, something clicked with me about what makes an authentic local experience truly magical!

I’ve been to Bali a gazillion times, mostly working and/or in charge of my own sightseeing adventure and whilst that’s fun and empowering, for me there are a few key ‘feelings’ that are never quite satisfied.

I don’t get to make friends with the locals and I want this more than friendships with other travellers. But how do I meet them when I’m staying in a hotel and only talking to professional service providers? And other visitors!

Go out and find them” you might say. “Where, when I’ve only got 3 days?” would be my reply.

Also, I really dislike feeling like a tourist looking in on some staged event when I’d much rather feel like part of the family, privileged to be enjoying the moment from the inside not the outside.

And so, on this trip, where for once I was not in charge of how my day unfolded, I finally experienced that secret warm feeling of inclusion… by the bucket load!

I suddenly realised, this feeling is the ‘magic’ that sets a localyokl experience apart from all the other tours out there and what my guests come to me for.

Acceptance into the local ‘tribe’ is a little nugget of gold that I would travel to the ends of the earth to find and I figure most people are looking for the same!

Julie is a popular localyokl guide hosting immersive cooking experiences on the Gold Coast. Check out her experiences here.

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